Why Do Most People Fail at 
Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet?
Watch this video to discover why so many people fail at transitioning completely to a (mostly) plant-based diet, and how you can avoid these common mistakes so you can: 
  • Have More Energy
  • Feel Better About Your Body 
  • Love Yourself More
  • Improve Your Health
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Do You Ever...
  • Start a diet, only to fizzle out a short time later?
  • ​Get frustrated when you hear about the next latest diet fad and wonder if THAT has the missing link? Only to dive into that one, lose momentum, feel ashamed and revert back to old bad habits
  • Feel unseen and unheard by the diet companies? 
  • ​Get frustrated when those around you aren't committed to supporting your health
  • ​Wonder what to eat when you go out with family or friends or while traveling? 
  • ​Get bored of eating the same things? ​
  • Feel inspired and confident when eating delicious, healthy food, but you're not exactly sure exactly how to do it, and perhaps more significantly, don't trust yourself to stick with it even if you do know what to do!
Why Is Sticking to a Healthy Diet 
So Hard?
It’s really hard to stick to most diets without... 
  • feeling guilty and ashamed
  • ​like you're on some regimented program with little to no room for error 
  • ​feeling bloated, tired or unattractive
  • ​making your family or friends feel ashamed for what *they* are eating
  • ​being tempted to eat the unhealthy foods your family or friends continue eating
  • ​to name a few things
Aloha! My Name is Hollan and I'm Here to Help
Aloha, Pleased to meet you. I am Hollan. I am here to inspire you to take steps to change your life. I am a wife, mother, award-winning vegan chef, former restaurant owner, self-help junkie and now cookbook author. I have worn many hats in this life, but the only one that matters is my relationship with myself and my body. When those two are aligned, everything falls into place. I am a better wife, mother, chef and am motivated to help others.

I live my version of my dream life. I am an island girl and feel my best when surrounded by water. I live on Kauai, the most beautiful place in the world. I am able to be in nature all the time. I write for a living, cookbooks, books, blogs, programs and articles. I travel so much. I always dreamed of seeing the world. Now it is my reality. I shift when I’m not feeling something in my life, and always reassess what is working and what is not.

 One of the biggest questions I always get is...
How Do I Get Out of My Own Way?
Time and time again, people from all walks of life struggled to stay on a (mostly or all) plant-based diet. They'd eat at my restaurant, hire me to coach them, buy my cookbook, or simply ask for my advice. 

ALL of them would love what I would cook or share with them, but they would almost always fail at staying consistent with an all-or-mostly plant-based diet! 

I was so frustrated because I wanted everyone to enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with making the switch for good. 

And that's when I discovered the first a-ha. 

I want to share that with you, but first, it's actually imperative that you do the uncomfortable thing and get crystal clear on how much a poor diet is costing you. So, let's take a look at that first.
Your Poor Diet is REALLY Costing You
Since food is fuel we put into our bodies, it only stands to reason that poor fuel equates to discomfort, pain and dis-ease in the body. And there's been plenty of studies to show how a bad diet can negatively affect your psyche, create stress, and create toxins that make it difficult for your body to funtion properly. We know that processed foods aren't good for your digestive system, forcing your organs to work overtime. Poor diets result in things like...
  • Low Energy
  • ​Brain Fog
  • ​Health Complications
  • ​An Out-of-Shape Body
  • ​Dis-ease in the Body
Have you stopped to really think how are the above things impacting you and those you love?

I remember when I was at a particular low point in my life. As the mother of 3 children, a restaurant owner, and wife, nothing I did seemed to work. I felt and looked awful. Crying alone in my closet, I'd reached rock bottom. That version of me was a far cry from what I know I am and am capable of. This version of me had little energy, no 'glow,' no zeal for life. She was sad, lonely, depressed and defeated. It affected my relationship with my husband, my children, my co-workers. 

Here's the kicker though. The more I tried to bury the sadness within me, the more I put off dealing with it. I'd plaster a smile on my face and pretend everything was ok, but it wasn't. It wasn't until I got brutally honest with myself that I began to make a shift. 

Being brutally honest required me to take stock of where I was at in life and how much potential this 'lower version' of me was robbing me. 

How You're Failing 
Before You Even Begin
Remember above when I told you about the a-ha I had when dealing with my customers and clients? The a-ha was that all of them were thinking of 'going on a diet.'

And the very notion of a diet begins with the idea that you must deprive yourself of something you want. 

That's when it hit me!

When I eat, I don't feel deprived at all! And I don't mean because I'm different than you. I LOVE food, especially sweets, cake, desserts, chocolate... 

I just found a way to enjoy all those foods in a MUCH healthier way! 

So, I began helping my clients open their minds to the possibility that they're not "trying" a diet. In fact, I made it very clear we aren't even on a diet! 

Want pizza for lunch? Check.
Ice cream for dessert? Check.

Now, obviously moderation is necessary. You can be an unhealthy vegan, for example. But, I'm going to guess that you are like me and aren't wanting to eat pizza all the time. You like to enjoy lots of other foods too. 

So, you see...

When You Can Have Whatever You Want... 
Whenever You Want it...
What Are You Actually Depriving Yourself of?

This is a game-changer if you really let that sink in. 
Even Still, Bad Habits
Are Tough to Break
Even with a shift in approach, with full commitment to living a (mostly to all) plant-based lifestyle, I was still seeing people struggle with bad food habits. 

Largely because so many people turn to food for comfort or social situations. 

A plant-based diet just didn't fit into their lives. Their kids didn't like the food... or their husband wasn't on board... or they were traveling and couldn't find healthy options... or they were out to eat with friends and couldn't decide what healthy choice to make... 

There were just too many possibilities to 'fall off the track' so to speak. 
I Know It's All Too Easy 
to Fall Off Track
After the typical strong start, you find you start losing motivation, eating what you think you shouldn't, feeling guilty that you're not 'on program,' and then it all goes out the window

I used to do the same thing! And sometimes, I still do! 

I always longed for a community of like-minded, health-focused, goal-oriented people, but also one where I didn't feel guilty if I was 'off-program' or didn't live up to all the expectations when life got in the way or I just didn't live up to it for whatever reason.

In short, I wanted a plan that allowed me to stay human. And that's what I want for you, too :)
That's Why I created good food gratitude school
Aloha sister :) I created the Good Food Gratitude School because, while everybody was loving my recipes, they seemed to struggle making the complete switch to a plant-based lifestyle (or as close to one as they feel comfortable doing). 

I kept seeing people get frustrated when some simple tweaks would make all the difference! 

Once they see how incredibly easy and fun it is to stay consistent with a healthy, delicious lifestyle, they GAIN confidence (not lose it) and become shining examples of hope for their family and friends! They feel connected with their bodies, proud of the way they look, light, strong and full of energy! 

Each month I deliver brand new content, from seasonal recipes to mindset hacks that will support every area of your life. You can easily access this material from your private web and mobile portal.
Good Food Gratitude School at a glance
The 6-Phase Transition Guide
This 6 module guide walks you through Hollan's guiding principles and step-by-step plan to achieving your optimal health with plant-based foods. 
The Gratitude Workbook
 A grateful heart and a well nourished body is absolutely possible. The Gratitude Workbook helps you tap into the abundance already around you.
Delicious Plant-Based Recipes
Inside the membership, I share some of my award winning recipes as well as many unpublished recipes. There is something for everybody!
Private Facebook Support Group
The private online group is where a lot of the magic happens. It's where you'll get support, accountability and community to celebrate your growth
What you eat is going to determine how you feel, and if you want to feel your best you should eat only the best foods nature has to offer. Hollan knows how to prepare those foods in ways that taste great, satisfy just about everybody, and make you feel fantastic! I’ve learned so much from Hollan!
Alana Blanchard - Pro-Surfer, Model, Mom
Hollan is one of my biggest motivators in living a more plant based lifestyle. She not only shares her satisfying meal ideas, but her philosophy on food mixed with mind body connection is what is so intriguing. Hollan's recipes will make you glow from the inside out and inspire you above and beyond just eating but living the lifestyle you deserve to live.
Malia Manuel - Pro-Surfer, Kauai
Get Ready for Breakthroughs!
  • ​Tune into the abundance already around you! 
  • ​Notice the increased vitality, sharpness, and energy when you give your body (and mind) the nourishment it craves! 
  • ​Realize that you can be healthy withOUT sacrificing the foods you LOVE (all while it tastes delicious!) 
  • ​Know that you are not alone when connecting with the other like-minded sisters in our community
  • ​Discover how to listen to your own body and intuition to create the life you dream of! 
  • ​These are just some of the FEW breakthroughs my clients have... And you can too!
Everyone Has to Eat to Live. 
But, How Many of us Actually 
Eat to Feel ALIVE?!
It's time to put down the excuses and truly LIVE!
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