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Jen Esquer
Hollan is an amazing person, and her love-infused food is incredible. I would fly thousands of miles to Hawaii to enjoy any one her many delicious meals. Now, I can prepare and devour these creative and tasty recipes at home without hopping on an airplane. Mahalo!
Lewis Howes
Internet Entrepreneur
From chaos flows beauty 
Preston Smiles
What you eat is going to determine how you feel, and if you want to feel your best you should eat only the best foods nature has to offer. Hollan knows how to prepare those foods in ways that taste great, satisfy just about everybody, and make you feel fantastic. I’ve learned so much from Hollan!
Alana Blanchard
Pro- Surfer, Model, Mom
Alexi Panos
Creator of Life Unleashed
Hollan has inspired me for years with her insanely delicious recipes. She is one of my biggest motivators in living a more plant based lifestyle. Hollan not only shares her satisfying meal ideas but her philosophy on food mixed with mind body connection is what is so intriguing. Her recipes will make you glow from the inside out and inspire you above and beyond just eating but living the lifestyle you deserve to live.
Malia Manuel
Pro- Surfer
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